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Experience effortless and comfortable living with our all-inclusive apartments, featuring fully furnished units with a kitchen, 55″ TV, and included power, water, and internet, with on-site parking available.


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Fully Furnished

The furnishings and decor are modern and stylish, with a focus on creating a comfortable and inviting living space for students. The apartments come fully furnished, with each unit containing everything a student needs for a comfortable stay, from a cozy bed to a desk for studying. The decor is thoughtfully selected, with contemporary designs that create a sleek and modern aesthetic throughout the complex.

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55" TV Included

The apartments come fully furnished with a 55" TV, providing a great source of entertainment for students when they need a break from their studies. The TV is placed in the common area, making it perfect for enjoying a movie or show with roommates and friends.

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Parking Available (Limited)

Limited parking is available on-site for those who have a car, providing a convenient option for students who need to commute or explore the area. The parking area is well-maintained and secure, giving students peace of mind when leaving their vehicle on-site. While parking is limited, there are other transportation options available in the area, including public transit and bike rentals.

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